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Welcome to the homepage of the shipping company BD-Shipsnavo GmbH & Co. Reederei KG.

Founded in 1992 as „BD-Shipsnavo GmbH & Co Reederei KG“ our family-owned shipping company with tradition of many years has taken over operation of further vessels.

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02.07.2014 absorption of "Active"

03.03.2014 name change "Clipper Anne" in "Marselisborg"

14.12.2013 name change "Jette" to "Thorco Discovery"

05.11.2013 name change "BBC Wisconsin" to "Jette"

02.03.2013 name change "Reef Samoa" in "LILOA"

22.10.2012 name change "Jette" in "BBC Wisconsin"

01.09.2012 name change "Jule" in "Reef Samoa"

15.08.2012 name change "Christian D." in "Anna Chris"

27.06.2012 name change "Marneborg" in "Arne"

25.05.2012 name change "Marselisborg" in "Clipper Anne"

13.09.2011 Car advertisment with MV Jule from New Zealand:<wbr></wbr>v=SdAG0umG3PM

21.08.2011 name change "Southern Pasifika" in "Jule"

16.08.2011 absorption of "Southern Pasifika"

25.03.2011 name change "Beluga Windward" in "Jette"

01.12.2010 absorption of "Beluga Windward"

01.11.2010 absorption of "Marneborg"

20.09.2010 absorption of "Marselisborg"

On the 23rd October 2009 published the article "BD-Shipsnavo - DoKap Reederei Invest"

On the 22nd October 2009 published the article "Neuer Initiator mit Schiffs-Schnäppchen-Fonds"

The time charter of MV Christian D. was extended on the 06th October 2009 upto new 4 month.

Offering information about our company and services, it will regularly be updated.

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